Hear from Our Clients

Modern Data requests feedback from our clients on every ticket submitted. To date we have a 99.3% favorable rating from our clients on the work we do for them. Please see some of the feedback below from our clients:

An IT Company that Works with Your Business

Today’s IT challenges are onerous and mounting.  Modern Data’s clients are concerned with:

  • Security – How do we ensure we stay up to date and minimize the potential of a breach or a hack?
  • Disaster Recovery – If a natural disaster occurred tomorrow, how would we work and how long would we be down?
  • Compliance – Be it HIPAA, PCI-DSS or GLBA; will we be ready for an audit?
  • Productivity – How do we ensure our network is optimized to minimize downtimes?
  • Responsiveness – Are our employees able to work efficiently without waiting hours for tickets to be resolved?
  • Wireless – How do we provide a sophisticated and secure wireless environment for both our employees and our guests?
  • Websites – How do we ensure we keep our image current in an environment we can update our own website ourselves?

Modern Data has been solving IT challenges for its clients for over two decades and successfully transitions entities to IT environments necessary to operate efficiently and securely in the 21st Century.

Are you an executive in search of a different kind of IT company? Are you tired of adding full-time employees to handle your IT needs only to be faced with shallow depth-of-knowledge and slow response? Maybe you’ve outsourced your IT needs only to be let down because they didn’t truly understand and address your needs.

If this is you, we understand where you’re coming from and can help.

IT Company

Think about it. What would it mean to your organization if you could…

  • Work with an IT company that understands your industry, can get you running more efficiently, keeps you safe from security threats and helps you stay ahead of the technology curve?
  • Implement and utilize technology that supports your company’s vision and growth strategy?
  • Work with IT consultants who can handle your increased needs as you grow and be fully integrated into what you do?
  • Understand the business case for updating your environment, improving IT infrastructure and keeping current with technology?

Modern Data is an IT company that gives you control, clarity and confidence with IT. With our help you will improve your IT infrastructure and begin to utilize technology as a competitive advantage.

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We are focused on establishing long-lasting relationships the “right way” with clients who understand the importance of IT and value a trusted partner to help them succeed.

At Modern Data, we put a special focus on our clients’ needs. When you come on board with us, we will evaluate your environment and use our technical expertise to come up with the most appropriate IT solutions to fulfill them. This enables our IT company to custom-design affordable solutions that meet your business needs, whether it requires 24/7 support or just one hour per month.

It All Begins With Communication

We begin with a comprehensive meeting to assess your business goals and challenges, and then our team of professional IT consultants comes up with a portfolio of services constructed to help optimize your company’s environment. We work with you to decide how these services can best meet your goals, timing, and budget.

Quality Service You Can Trust

All our IT consultants have a wealth of education and experience; they remain current with the latest advancements in technology and services. Our leadership guarantees each of our clients a professional working environment. Rest assured that your business objectives are a top priority for our IT team.

Project Management and Documentation

Modern Data utilizes the best in project management documentation methods. This will save time and boost your productivity, whether you want to ensure your every need is met or avoid overlooking any area of your project. This provides an up-to-date view of the project status, which clients can share with their teams. This is an incredibly important feature, as it connects everyone with the same information.

Here is a summary of what we can offer your organization:

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