Domain Registration & Transfer

Domain registration and transferYour domain name is how consumers find you online, and only certified organizations can provide a legitimate domain name registration & transfer. Many companies have multiple domains and subdomains that require routine renewals and support.

Understanding Domains

Servers don’t need your URL to get to your website; they use numerical IP addresses from the host server to find information. However, people often have a hard time remembering a number-based IP address to reach their bank, favorite blog, or

Companies can choose popular TLD (top level domains) such as .com, .org, and .net, or they can create their own unique domain extension. For a workable website, the content needs a host server and domain name.

Domain Registration and Transfer Services from Modern Data

At Modern Data, we help companies stay on top of domain registration and transfer. Many of our clients use our comprehensive online services to manage their website hosting, development, domain registration, and SEO. They only have one company to call when they have any trouble with their website.

As part of our domain registration and transfer services, we can help clients:

  • Develop a competitive primary domain name
  • Register domain names with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
  • Set up an auto-renewal for domain names
  • Develop subdomains for websites
  • Transfer their existing domain names from other website hosts
  • Setup domain-associated email addresses (e.g.

Domain transfers, in particular, can be difficult for companies, and many unsuccessfully attempt to transfer their domain on their own, losing privacy protection and security along the way. Our team handles every aspect of the transfer process, including releasing a domain from the old host server and setting up privacy and protections after the transfer.

We focus on creating a smooth registration and transfer process with as little downtime as possible. For more information about our registration and transfer services, please contact us at (1.855.MODERNDATA (1.855.663.3763) today.