Colocation Services That Work

If your company struggles with unreliable or broken networks, Modern Data can provide your business with colocation services to improve your network communication and maintain proper connectivity. Colocation allows for servers and other computing hardware to be rented from us and located together in a data center facility.

Could You Benefit From Colocation?

Colocation is especially beneficial for internet-centric businesses. It enables information technology teams to focus on the daily workload rather than the logistics of getting work done, resulting in reductions of operational expenditure.

When you contact Modern Data about colocation services, we will help you determine if colocation is a viable solution for your needs. If your company is planning to expand internally, colocation may be a good idea; otherwise, internal expansion can lead to the need for a full-scale in-house data center, which would require more staff, additional equipment, and an increase in maintenance costs.

There are several benefits to colocation that expand a business’s infrastructure flexibility. Your data will be more available, and it will be on a more-secure network.

Other reasons to consider a colocation data center include:

  • Scalability. Users pay for as little or as much storage as necessary; we can accommodate your business’s expansion or contraction.
  • Decreased costs. A colocation data center can offer cost savings over the price of powering up, maintaining, and managing an in-house server.
  • 24/7 monitoring and management. Modern Data supports 24/7 maintenance and monitoring.
  • Security. A constantly monitored colocation center helps protect your data.