Losing a document or email draft on your personal computer is frustrating. Imagine that feeling at the department- or company-wide level. Companies can lose data in many ways, not just because of security threats. Human error is responsible for many data loss incidents. Software malfunctions, power loss, and hardware problems are also common culprits. Losses routinely cost company’s time and money, and most incidents are entirely preventable with the right data backup and recovery plan.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

Data backup and recovery systems are different. Vendors often deal with particular data sets, or they only use one proprietary backup and recovery method, which may not work for every client. At Modern Data, we strive to deliver comprehensive and custom-built data solutions. If your company works in the cloud or needs reliable security backup and recovery services, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

When we develop a data backup & recovery plan for businesses, we take every scenario into consideration. We can formulate a solution that allows you to go back an hour or two if a new employee makes a recording mistake, while creating a comprehensive network recovery solution to handle more serious data issues.

Our solutions offer immediate access to certain data, a commitment to data integrity, and fast restoration times to get your business up and running. We’ll help you determine which data is most vital to company operations and focus on creating immediate recovery protocols for those data sets before moving on to other areas of data storage.