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Jeff Boersma

President & CEO

Modern Data started in 1998, but I acquired it a little over ten years into its life, in 2009. The company was not struggling, but it was ready for a change. In the early 2000s, IT was a completely different ballgame. Google was brand new, dial-up internet was quickly being replaced, and an IT service and support company didn’t need to think much about cyber security.

In 2009, however, things were different. Cybercrime was on the rise, most businesses (small and large) had adopted some type of IT infrastructure, and online marketing was on its way to becoming the business staple it is today. I noticed a lot of antiquated, if not downright bad, IT practices hindering progress.

My goal was, and is, to offer something different – to not only fight fires and put Band-Aids on old legacy systems, but to help companies move forward strategically and leverage technology as a growth-driven business asset.

The Early Days of IT Service and Support at Modern Data

As we started to gain traction with a client base interested in a proactive approach to IT service and support, we had one of our first major breakthroughs. At the time, many companies still used people-power to drive administrative busywork. We helped many of our early clients develop network- and technology-driven automation processes. The ROI of strategic automation is clear, and it was amazing to see the growth those companies enjoyed by applying a few simple changes.

We started growing at a fairly rapid pace, with new clients streaming in one after another. I have to give credit to the team here at Modern Data. Without them, this business would not be where it is today. Together, we have maintained the high level of service our clients expect. The majority of our original clients are still with us today, though our service offerings and strategies have evolved.

What Makes Modern Data Different

When our team talks with a client initially, we focus on learning more about what other IT providers failed to offer. We look for where the competition falls short, and we focus on meeting our clients’ full needs. For some, that means building a new infrastructure from scratch. For others, it means optimizing business processes for increased productivity and reliability.

I never plan to follow the mass market IT route. My goal for the company is to offer client-specific solutions that meet a need in the market and accommodate future business growth. IT departments are not usually known for driving revenue; however, our model challenges that idea. We offer support solutions that enhance a business’ ability to grow.

At Modern Data, we want to build long-term relationships based on strategic solutions. We offer service and support other companies can’t provide, and I sincerely hope you give us the opportunity to become your go-to partner for anything IT-related, from custom workflow management to app development.

Jeff Boersma | CEO

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