3 Sound Tips for Choosing a Cloud Security Provider

You’ve got a lot going on as a business owner or IT Director. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect taking the proper steps to vet your cloud security provider. While cloud services will make life easier for your employees, streamlining productivity, it comes with considerable security concerns that you need to address. Organizations like […]

How to Beef up Your Business’ Email Security

Inside threats to email security are much greater than outside threats. Verizon recently investigated the problem, and found that 50 percent of incidents are caused by people inside the organization. Your business’ confidentiality, availability of information and integrity are compromised by worker negligence, when employees send sensitive company or client information to the wrong people, […]

Here’s What 1 Hour of Downtime Will Cost Your Business

As a business owner, do you know what just one hour of downtime will cost you? You should. “Uptime” is critical for any business to stay successful. Your IT support and services provider should put processes and steps in place to ensure your business stays operational and limits the amount of downtime it experiences. Because […]

Trust: It’s THE Most Important Factor When Choosing IT Managed Services

Let’s face facts. Choosing an IT managed services provider is not an easy process. You probably lack the IT knowledge to hobnob with techies and you’re balancing a few other roles in addition to overseeing IT. But there’s more to the challenges involved with choosing an IT managed services. One of the big ones is […]

How Prepared Is Your Business for a Natural Disaster?

Natural disaster preparedness plan. It’s the difference between your company making it through a tornado or freak snowstorm and getting buried under the financial repercussions of the event. If you haven’t yet experienced a natural disaster in your area, it’s easy to ignore the importance of having a natural disaster plan. It’s also very easy […]

Finding an IT Support Who’s Your Partner

There are a multitude of factors that go into choosing an IT support vendor. Aside from the fact that most professionals tasked with the job of finding an IT partner don’t have the technical expertise to talk the talk, choosing a vendor requires careful consideration of strategic factors to ensure that you work with a […]

What a Data Breach Could Cost Your Business

Think you can fly under the radar when it comes to a data breach?  The costs of dealing with the aftermath of a data breach are significantly higher than preventing one. If your business has been playing with fire, ignoring the very real risks of a breach, it’s time to take a closer look at […]

180 Million Reasons to be Familiar With Your Firewall

Does the term “Firewall” sound familiar? Maybe from a science fiction movie from the last decade, where the technology savvy heroes hack their way into an evil organization’s network to extract critical information that can save the world? Or perhaps its something you’ve heard only big corporations use, to safeguard their millions of credit card […]

Building a Technology Infrastructure in the Cloud

There are some technology terms nearly everyone recognizes, like cloud computing, smart phones, and online commerce. These have had a widespread impact on the way companies do business, whether a one employee shop or a Fortune 500 corporation. A lot of these technologies are invitingly inexpensive, simple to use, and so accessible that business owners […]

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT), sometimes referred to as “machine to machine communication technologies”, is the label for devices that are equipped with microchips, sensors or anything with wireless communications capabilities. Trends in the production of micro chips have continued to lower the costs of integrating them with nearly any day-to-day device. These “smart devices” […]