180 Million Reasons to be Familiar With Your Firewall

Does the term “Firewall” sound familiar? Maybe from a science fiction movie from the last decade, where the technology savvy heroes hack their way into an evil organization’s network to extract critical information that can save the world? Or perhaps its something you’ve heard only big corporations use, to safeguard their millions of credit card records or medical information.

A firewall is much more than a technology used by Hollywood and Fortune 500 companies. Every time you click on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and browse the Internet, you are passing through a firewall. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, your office, or your favorite coffee shop.

The firewall is there, standing between you and the malicious threats which exist on the Internet. Since the late 80’s, when the World Wide Web was just beginning to be available to the public, online security threats have grown from less than a hundred to around 180 million. In order to protect businesses from the rapidly increasing risk of being connected to the Internet, networks have become much more complex and Information

Security has flourished into a massive industry, costing companies over $80 billion in 2015 and expected to more than double in cost by 2020. Firewalls are critical components of a safe network, serving as security checkpoints and protecting entry-ways between your secure business network and the very un-secure World Wide Web.

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Firewalls have evolved to meet changing threats, new technology, and increasingly restrictive security policies. The firewalls of 10 years ago are completely inadequate to meet current cyber security requirements. Even firewalls of last year need to be regularly updated to ensure adequate protection. In today’s environment it is not enough to buy a network device and plug it in.

The complex and technical nature of IT security requires more than passive scanning and antivirus software. Firewalls and other network appliances have become more sophisticated and adaptable in order to counter modern cyber threats. Threat detection, early response and mitigation are essential to keeping data and applications secure. Even businesses with no credit card or bank account information still have data at risk from Internet threats. Threats like ransomeware, which has become a major Internet risk, costing businesses billions of dollars to restore or recover affected data.

Network and IT Security need to be priorities in annual technology budgeting. The current market for cyber security staff is exceeding the available personnel. According to an analysis from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015 saw over 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. unfilled, and postings for new IT security up 74 percent over the past five years. The demand is expected to grow by 53 percent through 2018. Despite this shortage, companies cannot afford to leave their networks unprotected.

Working with Modern Data Inc. allows companies to obtain expert IT security professionals with current skills and experience in managing firewalls and other network security layers, ensuring the best protection from Internet threats. Modern Data retains skilled professionals by leveraging the needs of multiple companies, maintaining resources to cover all aspects of a company’s data and network requirements.

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