3 Sound Tips for Choosing a Cloud Security Provider

You’ve got a lot going on as a business owner or IT Director. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect taking the proper steps to vet your cloud security provider.

While cloud services will make life easier for your employees, streamlining productivity, it comes with considerable security concerns that you need to address.

Organizations like yours are also worried about cloud security. However, studies show that most don’t do the necessary comprehensive vetting of cloud service providers prior to hiring one.

The danger is real, too, as it’s easy for cloud service providers to masquerade as a trustworthy choice.

Unfortunately, the industry attracts two types of providers you shouldn’t trust. Companies that resell cloud products often market their brand as providing end-to-end solutions, while in the other camp sits providers that don’t keep up with standards.

You don’t want to find yourself in partnership with these types of cloud services provider.

Here’s how to find one you can trust  –  and with whom you can establish a long-term relationship with.

1- Trust

You’ve gotta have it, so this factor is non-negotiable. How can you trust your cloud provider? First, you have to really get to know them. Put the company through a proper vetting process. You’re going to be working closely with the team, so be sure you like them and enjoy spending time with the them. If you respect them, you’ll trust the working relationship.

2- Expertise

The ideal cloud provider should have two types of expertise.

First, they need to have superior working knowledge of technology and IT services. But they also need to have a strong understanding of your business. That way, they’ll be able to effectively address your business needs with their technical expertise.

Nonprofit organizations will have very different needs than a bank, and a bank will require different requirements than a healthcare company. The ideal cloud service provider will have years of experience dealing with companies in your industry.

3- Audit

Potential cloud services providers may promise you the moon. But don’t believe them  –  unless they pass a third-party compliance audit with flying colors. Verifying their capabilities will put you at ease, having the peace of mind that the partnership will pan out the way you need it to.

The third-party audit should investigate and confirm the provider’s organization, risk management, planning and governance; document their procedures and policies; identify service change management procedures; demonstrate an effective problem-management system with the appropriate staff who has the expertise to monitor and manage potential and existing problems; showcase effective security measures; prove sufficient integrity of data through security procedures and policies; and document strong financial health.

Leave no stone unturned when you vet a cloud security provider. With the right partner, your organization can ensure that your cloud services will propel your business further.

What struggles have you had finding a reputable cloud service provider?


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