How to Know if Your IT Department Is Up to Speed

Six Habits of an IT Team You Keep

Technology keeps advancing at warp speed while businesses of all sizes depend on it more and more every day to keep up with the competition. It’s no surprise that you hold your IT company or IT department to a higher standard than ever, as their talents are direly needed to keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently.

From developing and managing company apps to keeping clients’ confidential records safe from hackers, your IT department will run best if it has developed habits that make running by best practices nearly automatic. Here are just a few good habits that might be helpful as you evaluate how your IT department is doing in your organization.

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Habit #1: Does Your IT Company or Department Play Nicely with the Humans?

Geek jokes aside, it’s not unusual to find that people who excel in IT are, themselves, wired a little differently. Typically brilliant with the gadgets, wires, and guts of technology, these team members can often spot the errors users make in a millisecond. While it’s become a bit of an industry joke, you don’t really want to hear muttering about ID10T errors as your tech plugs a power cord back into an outlet.

It’s important for the IT team to have the sort of leadership and interpersonal skills that make your non-tech employees feel comfortable calling for help. Your firm’s technology isn’t an island; it is an important part of the business process.

Habit #2: Is Your IT Team On-Board with Your Organization’s Goals? 

Senior management needs to communicate their objectives to IT clearly, as well as have an understanding of how IT will help them achieve these goals. IT leaders then must figure out how to support them. Management and IT need to help each other, and IT needs to be involved in business decisions as a strategic partner – rather than being the last to know.

Habit #3: Does Your IT Team Solve Problems, Or Offer Band-Aids?

If an entire bank of computers keeps locking out users, an efficient IT department does not merely get the computers functional again before moving onto the next issue, they identify the root cause of the issue. Major technical problems need to be solved one-by-one instead of being worked on simultaneously. This practice prevents systems from collapsing and efficiency measures from becoming too disorganized.

A doctor may prescribe a pill that only treats the symptoms of a problem instead of trying to figure out why you’re feeling sick. Don’t let this happen to your IT department. Just like how anIT help desk assistance untreated illness causes damage your body, even irreparably so, flaws in your system or processes can cause business failure down the line. Let your IT department clearly communicate issues they are having that can wind up costing you dearly, and address the root of the problem instead of merely fixing up any messes it makes.

Habit #4: Can Your IT Team See the Future?

Not all technology issues can be solved. They happen fairly regularly – even predictably. A wise IT team will put processes in place for minor problems that come up frequently. By giving the rest of the organization tools such as checklists and instructions, this helps keep your organization moving forward instead of screeching to a halt over a minor issue. This habit also frees up the department so they can focus on more major problems or tasks.

Habit #5: Is Your IT Team More Like a Tutor or a Gatekeeper?

Whether your end users are internal or external, they shouldn’t see your organization’s technology as a scary monster they want to avoid. Effective IT employees help make the technology at hand easy to comprehend with the right tools and knowledge for users to become self-sufficient instead of completely reliant on them. This way, they are freed up for more important tasks, and it won’t make both management and lower level employees want to bypass the department.

Company and departmental culture must foster collaboration and innovation.

IT employees need to be team players. Strong collaboration fuels innovation and efficiency, and effective leaders keep these employees motivated both working alone and together. An effective IT department can ease the rest of your team through transitions, squash their learning curve, and help you wring value from new technology sooner rather than later.

Habit #6: Is Your IT Team Up for Being Measured? 

It’s difficult to figure out the efficacy of your IT department if results aren’t being tracked. How does your IT department measure up to the other departments in your organization? To outsourced IT services? It’s been said that whatever is measured is what improves. The essential value a good IT team provides is time savings. When your technology works well, your people work well – and when you technology works poorly, you lose time, which is money.

How Can You Support Your IT Team for Maximum Results?

Your IT talent is only as useful as the tools they have to work with. Legacy software and outdated hardware costs untold money in lost productivity and wasting their IT employees’ time. It’s helpful to minimize how many systems your IT staff has to support and trust their judgment as to the efficacy of your hardware and software, regardless of what that nice salesman told you.

Don’t have the IT department waste time and resources keeping outdated systems up to snuff, or short-changing your organization by sabotaging the technology in favor of short-term savings. By modernizing your system, this minimizes the amount of support work they need to do which frees them up to tackle other problems and improve processes.

Is It Time to Demand Better for Your Organization’s IT?

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