Trust: It’s THE Most Important Factor When Choosing IT Managed Services

Let’s face facts.

Choosing an IT managed services provider is not an easy process.

You probably lack the IT knowledge to hobnob with techies and you’re balancing a few other roles in addition to overseeing IT.

But there’s more to the challenges involved with choosing an IT managed services.

One of the big ones is TRUST.

You basically have to put your business’ future in the hands of your managed services provider. They know things you don’t, and they play a big role in how your business will grow  –  and whether it will wither and die from failing to go with the times, especially where cyber security is concerned.

But make no bones about it: You have to trust your managed services provider. Or the relationship won’t work.

How do you take this big step of relinquishing trust? It really boils down to compatibility and rapport.

Do you genuinely like the people in the company? You should, because you’re going to be working very closely with the IT managed services vendor. If you don’t respect and trust the provider, and vice versa, the relationship will be challenged from the start.

What other factors or skills should be implicit in your managed services provider?

Here’s what you should be looking for.

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Remember, you’re entrusting the company with your most valuable possession, so they should be able to help you manage change, integrate across platforms, implement cloud security and much more.


Many service providers have a “break-fix” approach to IT. But a proactive mentality is much better. This means the provider will attempt to prevent problems and make ongoing improvements to IT, rather than waiting for something to break and then fix it.

Best practices

Your provider should follow best practices for managing your IT resources and transitioning from inhouse operations to the vendor’s system.

Multivendor support and partnerships

Most businesses’ IT systems today are made up of software, hardware and network components from multiple vendors. Your IT provider will need to have a depth of experience working within these environments.


Your provider’s performance is integral to your success. Ensure that service level agreements are based on performance, with enough room for the provider to innovate, and ultimately, improve service delivery and lower costs.


Sourcing managed services to a number of IT vendors may seem ideal, since you can seemingly hire the “best” vendor depending on the activity. However, this approach generally results in silos, lacks agility and makes it difficult to enable change. Ideally, your managed services provider should be flexible enough and have a comprehensive suite of managed services to adjust to your ever-changing needs.


If your business is founded on innovation, then your managed services partner should be able to move with your company’s ebbs and flows. The ability to gain a competitive advantage from the provider’s assets, expertise and insights into the future can help your business go far.


Relinquish your trust into the hands of a competent, proven IT managed services provider. With a partner by your side, you can ensure that your IT needs are more than taken care of, and you can then focus on other important matters, like lowering your organization’s risk, avoiding a data breach and looking good in front of your superiors.

In what ways do you struggle trusting your managed services provider?


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