IT Security Compliance and Auditing

Almost every business is governed by some form of industry regulation. Whether you need to meet the standards of HIPAA or the FTC, cybersecurity is an often-cited top priority for businesses of all sizes. If your organization’s existing online security policies do not meet these ever-evolving standards, you could face formal auditing, investigations, and fines.


Why Invest in Outside Help for IT Security Compliance and Auditing?

At Modern Data, we handle IT security auditing, compliance and management for companies on a daily basis. We see the most pressing problems our clients face, and we develop customized solution across a range of IT setups and strategic needs.

Businesses gain value from our expertise and fast turnaround times, particularly during a time when cybersecurity regulations are constantly changing. You need to know your security is compliant, and we can provide peace of mind.

IT Security Auditing Keeps Your Business Protected

As laws surrounding IT security and data privacy develop, your company may worry about more than cybercriminals and hackers. Noncompliance with regulatory standards could cost your business financially and force downtime during your daily workflows.

We always recommend our clients begin with a comprehensive IT security audit. Our team of cybersecurity experts will go through a standardized procedure to evaluate your current level of vulnerability and create a plan to improve security. An audit does two things: Helps prepare you for a formal audit by a regulatory body, and it helps you identify the need for security improvements within your existing security structure.

We will start by performing an Enterprise scan (External and Internal) or an SMB scan (External only) depending on how extensively you want your potential threats assessed.

Modern Data is Ready to Secure Your Business

In modern business, you cannot afford to put IT security compliance on the backburner. You need a security partner who has the experience and processes in place to:

  1. Systematically establish a baseline
  2. Develop strategic security goals, and
  3. Implement cutting edge, scalable compliance protections that will grow as you do
security guard officer watching video monitoring surveillance security system