Almost every business operating today needs to think about IT & data security. Threats to IT security can come from anywhere in the world and cause serious harm.

Top concerns among businesses include:

  1. Building strong security infrastructure
  2. Understanding threats, and
  3. Customer/business privacy protection

In reality, the cyber threat landscape changes constantly. Technology advances faster than many security firms can keep up, and the cost of even a small data breach can tear a business apart. This problem spans the globe, and the size of the business or nature of an industry may not affect cybercriminal actions.


The Cost of Poor IT & Data Security

The media covers major security breaches, like the incidents with Target and Sony, but consumers rarely hear about the numerous thwarted attacks companies deal with daily. IT & data security risks range in impact, too. At best, they disrupt daily activities and lead to minor financial loss. At worst, they completely ruin the company and the lives of employees and clients.

Millions of malware threats, various level hacks, and other cyber attacks occur on a daily basis, and officials predict an increased rate of attack every year.

Protecting sensitive information is no longer optional

Protect Your Future with IT & Data Security You Can Trust

At Modern Data, we understand the threats today’s businesses face. We’ve seen how devastating a breach can be for an unprepared company, and we know that a proactive approach to security greatly mitigates the threat.

Our IT & Data Security services are custom designed to proactively reduce real threats our clients face. Your company’s existing technology infrastructure, online activities, and future IT planning all play a role in the security program our team develops. From vulnerability assessments to systematically improving the security protocols on each IT asset you use, we offer complete, end-to-end security solutions.

IT & Data Security services differ from client to client, but some of the services offered include:

  • Vulnerability scanning for mobile and wired devices and networks
  • Cloud security
  • Training and best practices consulting
  • Disaster recovery and backup