Companies today are increasingly interested in creating and optimizing websites for mobile friendliness, navigation, and user experience. At Modern Data, we offer cutting-edge, comprehensive IT support services, including custom website design and website development.

Custom Website Design & Development

Most custom website design and development companies focus on offering solutions from a marketing perspective. They offer cutting-edge design techniques, but they may not have the best back-end solutions for content management or integration with other network solutions. We understand every aspect of IT from security to design aesthetics, so we can deliver high quality, performing websites that are easy to use.

Custom Website Design

Whether you prefer an image-heavy, long-scrolling setup or a simple but elegant layout, our team offers custom web design that will differentiate your brand from the competition. Strong website design should captivate site visitors with psychologically-supported design cues.

When we start work on a custom website design for a client, we evaluate your company goals, market attributes, and the competitive landscape. With those key pieces of information, we can effectively emphasize company strengths in a visually interesting way.

Website designer working digital tablet and computer laptop and digital design diagram on wooden desk as concept

Website Development

Some companies use web design and development interchangeably, but the terms describe two very different aspects of the process. Our developers use the latest programing techniques to support the design process and create an easy-to-use interface for site visitors and client website administrators. A well-developed site will look great on any device, minimize load times, and enhance the overall effects of the design.

Comprehensive Website Services from Modern Data

From hosting your site to redesigning your website 2 or 3 years down the road, the website team at Modern Data is committed to providing unique, custom-built websites for our clients.

Some of the reasons clients come to us instead of other website creators include:

  • End-to-end solutions – we handle every aspect of the process, from hosting to search engine optimization (SEO) after a website has been built.
  • Affordable pricing – providing comprehensive website services allows us to cut out the markup normally associated with website creation.
  • Long-term success – we look forward to helping our clients with initial production as well as future expansion, form creation, and updates.